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JavaScript MD5



JavaScript MD5 Demo


JavaScript MD5 implementation. Compatible with server-side environments like Node.js, module loaders like RequireJS, Browserify or webpack and all web browsers.



Include the (minified) JavaScript MD5 script in your HTML markup:

<script src="js/md5.min.js"></script>

In your application code, calculate the (hex-encoded) MD5 hash of a string by calling the md5 method with the string as argument:

var hash = md5('value') // "2063c1608d6e0baf80249c42e2be5804"


The following is an example how to use the JavaScript MD5 module on the server-side with Node.js.

Create a new directory and add the md5.js file. Or alternatively, install the blueimp-md5 package with npm:

npm install blueimp-md5

Add a file server.js with the following content:

  .createServer(function(req, res) {
    // The md5 module exports the md5() function:
    var md5 = require('./md5'),
      // Use the following version if you installed the package with npm:
      // var md5 = require("blueimp-md5"),
      url = require('url'),
      query = url.parse(req.url).query
    res.writeHead(200, { 'Content-Type': 'text/plain' })
    // Calculate and print the MD5 hash of the url query:
  .listen(8080, 'localhost')
console.log('Server running at http://localhost:8080/')

Run the application with the following command:

node server.js


The JavaScript MD5 script has zero dependencies.


Calculate the (hex-encoded) MD5 hash of a given string value:

var hash = md5('value') // "2063c1608d6e0baf80249c42e2be5804"

Calculate the (hex-encoded) HMAC-MD5 hash of a given string value and key:

var hash = md5('value', 'key') // "01433efd5f16327ea4b31144572c67f6"

Calculate the raw MD5 hash of a given string value:

var hash = md5('value', null, true)

Calculate the raw HMAC-MD5 hash of a given string value and key:

var hash = md5('value', 'key', true)


The JavaScript MD5 project comes with Unit Tests.
There are two different ways to run the tests:

  • Open test/index.html in your browser or
  • run npm test in the Terminal in the root path of the repository package.

The first one tests the browser integration, the second one the node.js integration.


The JavaScript MD5 script is released under the MIT license.

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