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test-event.json Use clear example values for the sample test event. Jan 12, 2017



Amazon CloudWatch alarm notifications to Slack streaming function for AWS Lambda.


Function configuration

Add the function code to AWS Lambda with the following configuration options:

Key Value
Runtime Node.js 6.10
Handler index.handler
Role AWSLambdaBasicExecutionRole
Memory 128 (MB)
Timeout 3 sec
KMS key aws/lambda

Environment variables

Set the following required environment variable for the Lambda function:

Key Value
webhook AWS KMS encrypted Slack WebHook URL.

Set the following optional environment variables for the Lambda function:

Key Value
channel Slack channel to send the notifications to.
username Bot username used for the slack messages.
icon_emoji Bot icon emoji used for the slack messages.
icon_url Bot icon url used for the slack messages.

Trigger configuration

Add the desired Amazon SNS topic as trigger for the Lambda function.


Released under the MIT license.


Sebastian Tschan