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Documentation Overview

Basic plugin information

Customization how-tos


  • AngularJS Directive. Added a directive to simplify the use with angular and distribute the uploader as combined JS file.









  • jfu package for integration with Go applications, backed by MongoDB + Memcache (user contribution).
  • Coquelicot provides a simple API and standalone binaries for chunked resumable file uploads.




  • ASP.NET example code (contribution from Sam at, a simple ashx based example, available as a zip file download. Upload support only. Focus on IE handling.
  • An ASP.NET MVC 3 example with the same functionality as an original plugin demo + large files upload support for ASP.NET (contribution from Max Pavlov)
  • A fully functional github hosted ASP.NET example (contribution by Iain Ballard), based on ashx handlers. Provides full upload / delete / thumbnail functionality.
  • .NET File Upload Handler implementation by Shannon Whitley
  • VS2010 implementation
  • A fully IHttpHandler based PHP server-side clone abstract class for uploading files. Class main propose is to upload files (supports high-quality images uploading) (Contributed by Yahav Gindi Bar).
  • Backload. A professional full featured server side file upload controller/handler for ASP.NET MVC4 (ASP.NET Web API and Standard ASP.NET WebForms supported). It has a very rich set of configuration options but also a zero configuration feature. It supports complex storage structures (set client and server side), image resizing, cropping and conversions, content type based subfolders, tracing, events, etc. Backload demos and examples
  • ASP.NET simple upload handler supports upload, download, delete (just server-side)
  • Implementation in ASP.NET MVC contributed by Ronnie Overby


  • jQuery-File-Upload-CFC (contribution from Henry Ho) a port of blueimp/jQuery-File-Upload PHP into ColdFusion CFScript (CF10+). cfimage is used in place of GD for image manipulation.
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