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WebdriverIO Screen Commands

WebdriverIO commands to capture and record browser screens.



The screenshot diffing and screen recording functionality requires ffmpeg to be installed and available in the PATH.
Screen recording for Android devices requires adb to be installed and available in the PATH.


npm install wdio-screen-commands


Add the following to your WebdriverIO config:

const cmds = require('wdio-screen-commands')

module.exports = {
  screenshots: {
    saveOnFail: true
  videos: {
    enabled: true,
    resolution: '1440x900'
  before: () => {
    browser.addCommand('saveScreenshotByName', cmds.saveScreenshotByName)
    browser.addCommand('saveAndDiffScreenshot', cmds.saveAndDiffScreenshot)
  beforeTest: test => {
  afterTest: async test => {
    await cmds.stopScreenRecording(test)

To save and diff screenshots in your tests:

describe('screenshots', () => {
  it('should save and diff screenshots', () => {
    // Save screenshot by name, into a browser-specific sub-directory:
    browser.saveScreenshotByName('save screenshot by name')
    // Save screenshot and compare with same file from previous run:
    const ssim = browser.saveAndDiffScreenshot('save and diff screenshot')
    if (ssim && ssim.All < 1) {
      // Screenshot differs from previous run
      // See also:

See blueimp/wdio for a complete setup example.


const defaultOptions = {
  screenshots: {
    dir: 'reports/screenshots', // Screenshots directory
    saveOnFail: false,          // Automatically save screenshots on test fail
    saveOnPass: false,          // Automatically save screenshots on test pass
    // imageDiff options - see
    imageDiff: {
      ssim: true,               // false or true
      similarity: 0.01,         // 1.0 - 0.01
      blend: 1.0,               // 1.0 - 0.0
      opacity: 0.1,             // 1.0 - 0.0
      color: 'magenta'          // magenta, yellow, cyan, red, green, blue or ''
  videos: {
    // shared options
    enabled: false,         // Enable screen recordings
    deleteOnPass: false,    // Keep screen recordings when tests pass
    startDelay: undefined,  // Seconds, execution delay after recording start
    stopDelay: undefined,   // Seconds, execution delay before recording stop
    hostname: 'localhost',  // Server/device hostname
    port: 5555,             // Server/device port, defaults to 9000 for ffmpeg
    // ffmpeg options - see
    loglevel: undefined,    // Log level, defaults to "info"
    inputFormat: 'x11grab', // Input format, use 'mjpeg' for an MJPEG stream
    resolution: undefined,  // Display resolution (WIDTHxHEIGHT)
    fps: 15,                // Frames per second to record from input
    videoCodec: undefined,  // Video codec, defaults to libx264 for mp4 output
    pixelFormat: 'yuv420p', // Output pixel format
    rotate: undefined,      // Rotate metadata, set to 90 to rotate left by 90°
    display: '0',           // X11 server display, only used for x11grab
    protocol: 'http',       // Server protocol
    username: undefined,    // Basic auth username
    password: undefined,    // Basic auth password
    pathname: undefined,    // URL pathname component
    search: undefined       // URL query parameter
    // adb options - see
    serial: undefined,      // Use device with given serial
    transportID: undefined, // Use device with given transport ID
    waitTimeout: 5000,      // Device wait timeout (ms), 0 disables the wait
    bugreport: undefined,   // Set to `true` to add additional info to the video
    size: undefined,        // WIDTHxHEIGHT, defaults to native resolution
    bitRate: 4000000,       // Bits per second, default is 4Mbps
    timeLimit: 180,         // Time limit (s), maximum is 180 (3 mins)
    pullDelay: 200          // Delay (ms) before pulling the video file


Released under the MIT license.


Sebastian Tschan

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