The information you really want when waiting at the bus stop: is it quicker to wait or to walk? Only works for Georgia Tech right now.
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Wait or Walk

A webapp to answer the question you really have at the bus stop: should I wait or should I walk?

Scrapes Nextbus (since their public API isn't open for Georgia Tech) and uses the Google Maps API to calculate walking times and distances.

Currently only supports the blue and red routes at Georgia Tech right now.


You must first install flask and beautifulsoup:

sudo pip install flask
sudo pip install beautifulsoup

If you want to deploy with Apache, read this.


Next on my list is the Trolley. There are some less than elegant parts of this code because of rate limiting. The Google distance matrix API has some terms of use and a pretty short request limit, so the distance matrix can be generated with The code then uses the json files it generates to do offline walking and driving time calculations. The weather API also has a rate limit, so updates are only called once every 5 minutes.