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Adapter to connect 20-pin JTAG to STM32 dev kits
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ARM Cortex STM32 Adapter

A simple adapter to connect STM32 development boards like the STM32 Nucleo or the STM32 Discovery boards to a JTAG/SWD tool like SEGGER's J-Link.

While ST Micro provides a firmware update that converts the built-in ST/Link program adapter in a J-Link, it's easier to just use your regular JTAG/SWD adapter without making any modification.

The adapter can be directly plugged into the 20-pin JTAG interface. . On the other side, the 6-pin header JP2 can be connected to the SWD interface of the STM32 board. Most JTAG/SWD tools requires a connection to the target VDD as well, which can be provided via JP3. Finally, the J-Link provides a 5V output, which can be used to power the dev board as well (please check documentation about how to configure this)

It is can be directly ordered at OSHpark

SEGGER J-Link with ARM Cortex STM32 Adapter connected to Nucleo STM32L073

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