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List of Third-Party Libaries

This folder contains all third-party libraries used by BTstack. The following table lists their source, license type, and what it is used for.

Library Version License Used Notes
Android SBC Codec e8c3d75b Apache 2.0 HFP WBS, A2DP optimized audio codec
hxcmod-player 03d495c8 Public Domain A2DP Source Demo mod music player
Google LC3 Codec da9bfe44 Apache 2.0 LE Audio audio codec
lwIP b3a93941 BSD 3-Clause PAN Demo complete network stack
md5 1.0 Public Domain PBAP cryptographic hash function
micro-ecc e4d264b5 BSD 2-Clause LE SC, Mesh elliptic curve library
Rijndael Encryption Algorithm 20020903 Public Domain BTstack Crypto optional AES128 software implementation
segger-rtt v6.20d BSD 3-Clause HCI PacketLog high-speed logging with SEGGER J-Link debug probes (development)
tinydir 677733da BSD 2-Clause GAP Bonding get a directory listing on POSIX + Windwows systems
Yxml 10f968b0 MIT PBAP minimal stream XML parser