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BTstack port for Ambiq Apollo2 with EM9304

This port uses the Ambiq Apollo2 EVB and the Ambiq EM9304 (AM BLE) shield. HAL and BSP from Ambiq Suite 1.2.11 were used together with the regular ARM GCC toolchain. Firmware upload is possible via the internal J-Link interface or the 10-pin Mini ARM-JTAG Interface.


Ambiq Apollo2 EVB + AM_BLE Shield



Please clone BTstack as AmbiqSuite/third-party/bstack folder into the AmbiqSuite.

Create Example Projects

To create example GCC projects, go to the Apollo2-EM9304 folder

$ cd port/apollo2-em9304

and run make

$ ./create_examples.py

All examples are placed in the boards/apollo2_evb_am_ble/examples folder with btstack_ prefix.

Compile & Run Example Project

Go to to the gcc folder of one of the example folders and run make

$ run make

To upload, please follow the instructions in the Apollo Getting Started documents.

Debug output

printf is routed over the USB connector of the EVB at 115200.

In port/apollo2-em9304/btstack_config.h additional debug information can be enabled by uncommenting ENABLE_LOG_INFO.

Also, the full packet log can be enabled in src/btstack_port.c by uncommenting the hci_dump_open(..) line. The console output can then be converted into .pklg files for OS X PacketLogger or WireShark by running tool/create_packet_log.py


  • BTstack's TLV persisten storage via Flash memory is not implemented yet.
  • SPI Fullduplex: Newer Apollo 2 revisions supports SPI Full Duplex. The Ambiq Suite 1.2.11 does not cover Full Duplex with IRQ callback. It could be emulated by setting the Full Duplex mode and doing a regular write operation. When the write is complete, the received data can be read from the IOM FIFO.
  • During MCU sleep without an ongoing SPI operation, the SPI could be fully disabled, which would reduce enrgey consumption.