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BTstack port for Zephyr Controller with HCI UART Firmware Connectected To POSIX System

The main difference to the regular posix-h4 port is that that the Zephyr Contoller uses 1000000 as baud rate. In addition, the port defaults to use the fixed static address stored during production.

Prepare Zephyr Controller

Please follow this blog post about how to compile and flash samples/bluetooth/hci_uart to a connected nRF5 dev kit.

In short: you need to install an arm-none-eabi gcc toolchain and the nRF5x Command Line Tools incl. the J-Link drivers, checkout the Zephyr project, and flash an example project onto the chipset:

Configure serial port

To set the serial port of your Zephyr Controller, you can either update config.device_name in main.c or always start the examples with the -u /path/to/serialport option.

Compile Examples

$ make

Run example

Just run any of the created binaries, e.g.

$ ./le_counter

The packet log will be written to /tmp/hci_dump.pklg