Golang client for the Slack API.
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Slack GoDoc

Golang client for the Slack API. Include the example code using each slack api.

Currently supports:

Method Description Example
channels.history Fetches history of messages and events from a channel. #link
channels.join Joins a channel, creating it if needed. #link
channels.list Lists all channels in a Slack team. #link
chat.postMessage Sends a message to a channel. #link
files.upload Upload an image/file #link
files.info Retrieves the information about an uploaded file #link
groups.invite Invites a user to a private group. #link
groups.create Creates a private group. #link
groups.list Lists private groups that the calling user has access to. #link
users.info Gets information about a channel. #link
users.list Lists all users in a Slack team. #link


package main

import (

const (
  token       = "your-api-token"
  channelName = "general"

func main() {
  api := slack.New(token)
  err := api.ChatPostMessage(channelName, "Hello, world!", nil)
  if err != nil {

Command line tool

If you are looking for slack commandline utility, vektorlab/slackcat probably suits you.


Jun Kimura