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Blue Privacy Extension

A simple extension that redirects non-private services to a private alternative.

Google search will be redirected randomly to an alternative search engine, such as DuckDuckGo or Startpage, or you can choose a prefered search engine from our list.

Get the Extension

Available in the Chrome Web Store Get on Add-on Get it from Microsoft Get it from Opera add-ons

(Currently, Opera add-on is only available on Opera Developer and Opera Next. Waiting for manual review by Opera.)

List of Search Engines

Search engines are listed here.

If you have any suggestions for private or non-private search engines we are missing, please suggest in Discussions #21.

How to

First clone this repository locally


  1. Open chrome://extensions

  2. Turn on Developer mode, on the right top, if not on

    Developer Mode

  3. Click Load Unpacked

    Load Unpacked

  4. Select and open the repo cloned


  1. Open about:debugging#/runtime/this-firefox

  2. Click Load Temporary Add-on

    Load Temporary Add-on

  3. Select and open manifest.json from the repo cloned


Code is released under the MIT license.

Privacy Policy

This extension does not track you in any way. This extension does not send any data out of your computer/browser.

Contributing for Translation

All text being added to Blue Privacy Extension is done initially in English (en) and then is translated by real people into other languages. We're missing translations for many languages and some translations might be incomplete or poor quality.

For everything you'd need to get started, check out

We appreciate your support.