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The BlueMind Suggestion Box
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Hello, this is the BlueMind Suggestion Box!


We used to be overwhelmed by feature requests in our issue tracker (Jira). The Suggestion Box is our solution to this problem: encourage our users to vote and comment to other users' issues in a dedicated website rather than duplicating them over and over in Jira.

Issue storage

The Suggestion Box is heavily coupled with Jira, and can be seen as a Jira front-end to handle tickets in a specific "SB" project. This is good enough for us, but we'll be glad to merge pull requests that will abstract the back-end and enable to store suggestions in other issue trackers, or just about any database.

User management

Any user may view suggestions, but one needs to be authenticated with Jira (actually Atlassian Crowd SSO) to vote or post. This is again good enough for us, but could/should be decoupled.


This is nowhere next to a ready-to-deploy solution. Plenty of things will need to be adapted to prove useful in other contexts than ours: the file is your starting point.


This code is published under the terms if the GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3, see agpl-3.0.txt

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