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#! /bin/bash
wifidevice=`networksetup -listallhardwareports | grep -A1 Wi-Fi | grep Device | sed s/"Device: "/""/`
isinuse() {
# For a bonjour lookup, nslookup and host don't work, so we can use dns-sd or ping. The dns-sd gives more
# information, but by design doesn't return until killed, so use ping.
ipaddress=$(ping -c 1 $tvhostname | awk -F'[()]' '/PING/{print $2}')
echo About to sniff traffic to $tvhostname \($ipaddress\)
arp -n $ipaddress &> /var/tmp/arp-output
# Parse something of the form ? ( at 40:33:1a:3d:e6:ee on en0 ifscope [ethernet]
# The awk quotes get a bit messy with the variable substitution, so split the expression up
echo Parsing mac address from line `awk -F"[ ]" "/\($ipaddress\)/{print}" /var/tmp/arp-output`
macaddress=`awk -F"[ ]" "/($ipaddress)/{print $fieldindex}" /var/tmp/arp-output`
echo Looking for traffic to mac address $macaddress
# Make sure that the user running this script has passwordless sudo tcpdump
sudo tcpdump -i $wifidevice -I ether dst $macaddress &> /var/tmp/airplay-tcpdump-output &
# Get the PID of the tcpdump command
# Capture 10 seconds of output, then kill the job
sleep 10
sudo kill $pid
# Process the output file to see how many packets are reported captured
packetcount=`awk -F'[ ]' '/captured/{print $1}' /var/tmp/airplay-tcpdump-output`
echo Finished sniffing packets - there were $packetcount.
# There will be a lot of packets flying around, so the bar for in-use is high
if [ $packetcount -gt 20 ]
# 0 is true and 1 is false in bash-world
echo Apple TV is in use.
return 0
return 1
# Substitute dashes for spaces to find the Bonjour name
hostname=${tvname/ /-}.local
echo Hostname is $hostname
if ! isinuse $hostname
echo Grabbing control of $hostname.
# Bounce the wifi to make sure it's in a good state since monitor mode can make it hard to connect to the TV
echo Bouncing wifi interface $wifidevice
networksetup -setairportpower $wifidevice off
networksetup -setairportpower $wifidevice on
# Allow the wifi to initialise
sleep 20
dir=`dirname $0`
osascript $dir/clickairplaymenu.applescript "$tvname"
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