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Add 'broadcast' method to IPAddress::IPv6 #31

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broadcast method was missing in IPAddress::IPv6.

I needed it because I store networks broadcast address in DB (this way I can find network hosts by searching ones between network and broadcast addresses).


Does someone manage this repo ?


Unfortunately author abandoned this project :(

I think community should fork and claim this gem on rubygems.


Thanks, but only the author commited to the repo so it's not easy to know who could take it over...


@bluemonk Not being in the standard library doesn't make your gem useless (I actually prefer chossing y gems than having a fat standard library full of things I don't use).

I think the increase is due to the growing need of IPv6 (look at most recent pull requests).


@bluemonk I think that being part of the stdlib is a neat idea, but having a great gem for working with IPAddresses is really valuable regardless of whether I get it in the standard distribution of ruby.

I've been involved in working with ip addresses in ruby extensively before, and we ended up writing a library in C that was a lot lighter and faster which we pulled back into ruby. This library is pretty awesome and I hope you know that even though you haven't released in a number of years, you're getting a lot of downloads. 2,379,792 to be exact.

Do you perhaps want a co-maintainer to help?


I've been using your gem at, @bluemonk. It's good stuff.

Maybe we could organized the interested contributors on this thread into a review team for PRs. Could establish a cadence to incorporate 1-3 PRs a month (or review them at least and ask contributors to tighten/test sections better. I'd be glad to be part of this sort of effort.

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Commits on Mar 8, 2013
  1. @gauthier-delacroix
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  1. +12 −0 lib/ipaddress/ipv6.rb
12 lib/ipaddress/ipv6.rb
@@ -496,6 +496,18 @@ def bits
+ # Returns the broadcast address for the given IP.
+ #
+ # ip = IPAddress("2001:db8::8:800:200c:417a/64")
+ #
+ # ip.broadcast.to_s
+ # #=> "2001:db8::ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff"
+ #
+ def broadcast
+ self.class.parse_u128(broadcast_u128, @prefix)
+ end
+ #
# Expands an IPv6 address in the canocical form
# IPAddress::IPv6.expand "2001:0DB8:0:CD30::"
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