uninitialized constant Net::DNS::A #37

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Getting this error in my app:

 NameError in ClicksController#click

 uninitialized constant Net::DNS::A

When calling the resolver. Any thoughts?


I get the same:

require "net/dns/resolver"
packet = Net::DNS::Packet.new("www.google.com")

net-dns-0.7.1/lib/net/dns/packet.rb:109:in `initialize': uninitialized constant Net::DNS::A (NameError)


fix is to:
require "net/dns"
instead of
require "net/dns/resolver"

@weppos weppos closed this in c930808 Jun 26, 2012

I updated the examples to reflect the changes. Thank you.

@weppos weppos was assigned Jun 26, 2012

Thanks @jots !

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