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maikuroKanren (or マイクロKanren) is an implementation of the µKanren relational programming language defined in this paper by Hemann & Friedman.

It is implemented in the Clojure programming language.

Current State

This solution works up until the description in the paper for managing infinite streams. I got a bit stuck there - my solution doesn't work. There is a bug in the Clojure code. I could fix it, but, I think I'm going to continue to keep getting silly bugs due to my messy solution.

I would like to reimplement this from scratch, here are some notes for future Chris:

  • Read the entire paper and understand the terms before writing any code
  • Write idiomatic Clojure - not a combination of kind of Scheme, Clojure and something in between
  • Use longer or more descriptive names.
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