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The acmeair microservices repositories are developed to analyze Cloud Environment performance. Please see the below Overview link for more details

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  1. acmeair-mainservice-java acmeair-mainservice-java Public

    This service contains the front end of AcmeAir Microservices.

    HTML 26 84

  2. Overview Overview Public

    This repository contains overview of BLUEPERF github repositories, how these applications to be used.

    14 6

  3. acmeair-monolithic-java acmeair-monolithic-java Public

    This version of Acme air is redesigned removing hardcoded components to WXS and also optimized for Cloud Data Services

    Java 12 36

  4. acmeair-driver acmeair-driver Public

    Forked from acmeair/acmeair-driver

    A workload driver for the Acme Air Sample Application.

    Java 4 12

  5. acmeair-monolithic-nodejs acmeair-monolithic-nodejs Public

    Forked from acmeair/acmeair-nodejs

    A Node.js implementation of the Acme Air Sample Application. With datastore support of MongoDB. With runtime support of Bluemix/CloudFoundry, Docker... With Micro-Services.

    HTML 2 5

  6. acmeair-authservice-java acmeair-authservice-java Public

    During the login it generates a JWT which will be used by booking and customer services to validate the user.

    Java 2 38


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