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A simple addition to UIView that allows any view to display a badge, similar to the badge Apple provides for UITabBarItem.


The Xcode project includes an example view controller. To use in your own project:

  1. Drag UIView+Badge.h and UIView+Badge.m into your project.

  2. Import the header file, and set the badge value via the badge accessor on UIView.

     #import <UIKit/UIKit.h>
     #import "UIView+Badge.h"
     @implementation MyController
     -(void)viewDidLoad {
         self.button.badge.badgeColor = [UIColor orangeColor];
         self.button.badge.badgeValue = 13;

Note: Setting the badgeValue on a UIView's badge will cause it to be laid out. It's best to set all other display-related options that effect the display area (e.g. font) before setting the badgeValue.

Display Options

The badge view has several properties that affect how it looks:

  1. placement: By default, the badge will be placed on the right side of the view, assuming there's room. Setting the placement to kBadgePlacementLeft or kBadgePlacementRight allows you to be explicit about where the badge renders.

  2. font: The font the number inside the badge will use. The size of the badge is adjusted for this.

  3. badgeColor: The background color inside the badge.

  4. outlineColor: The color of the outline around the badge.

  5. outlineWidth: The width of the outline around the badge.

  6. displayWhenZero: The badge normally doesn't render if the badgeValue is zero. This setting allows you to override that.