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Sublime Text Octopress


  • Only supports OS X, linux
  • You must start the Sublime Text 2 from the terminal (or configure octopress_cmd_before_rake in your settings)


From Sublime Package Control

Just open "Package Control: Install Package" in Command Palette and search for "octopress"

Or from github

Clone or copy this repository into your Packages

  • OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2/Packages/
  • Linux: ~/.config/sublime-text-2/Packages/

And change the setting to your env (Accessible via Preferences > Package Settings > Octopress > Settings - User)

  // path to your octopress
  "octopress_path": "/you_octopress_path",
  // command to run before calling rake, eg source ~/.bash_profile to set up your local environment inc paths to ruby, rake etc.
  "octopress_cmd_before_rake" : "source ~/.bash_profile",
  // set to generate, deploy or generate_and_deploy if you wish to have your changes generated into the /public folder and/or deployed upon file save
  "octopress_onsave_action": "",
  // true or false
  "use_bundle": false

Setting Example

For Rbenv or RVM

// If you use zsh, you can set to "/bin/zsh"
"octopress_shell_executable": "/bin/bash",

// If you use zsh, you can set to "source ~/.zshrc"
"octopress_cmd_before_rake" : "source ~/.bash_profile",

In the case of an error, please see the RVM or Rbenv errors


You can execute following commands of octopress with command_palette

  • new_post
  • edit_existing_post
  • new_page
  • edit_existing_page
  • generate
  • deploy
  • gen_deploy
  • preview
  • isolate (current post)
  • integrate

You can enable auto-generate or auto-deploy by setting the octopress_onsave_action variable to "generate" or "generate_and_deploy". This will only trigger if the file you're saving is inside your octopress_path.


Ver 2014.10.23

  • Update schema of package.json to 2.0
  • Add support to Sublime Text 3

Ver 2013.08.29

  • Update schema of package.json to Ver 2.0.

Ver 2013.03.19

  • Added "Isolate" and "Integrate" support

Ver 2013.03.15

  • Added "Preview" support

Ver 2013.03.13

  • Bug fix

Ver 2013.02.02

  • Add octopress_shell_executable

Ver 2012.11.08

  • Add auto generate (and or deploy)
  • Add find and edit existing pages/posts

Ver 2012.11.03

  • Add setting menu
  • Add octopress_cmd_before_rake