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Anonymous peer-to-peer instant messaging
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R2: Ricochet Refresh

Ricochet Refresh is the new updated version of Ricochet, supported by Blueprint for Free Speech.. We are a non-government, not-for-profit organisation working to safeguard the freedom of expression for whistleblowers, activists, and everybody else, worldwide. To find out more, check out our profile, or head to []. Blueprint was the original sponsor of Ricochet, written by developer J. Brooks.

Ricochet Refresh is currently available for OS X (10.12 or later) and Linux, with a Windows release available real soon now (tm). Visit the releases page for the latest version and changelog.

Details about Ricochet can be found at the original repository. The readme for Ricochet is reproduced below for convenience.

Ricochet's README (not by or affiliated with Blueprint)

Anonymous metadata-resistant instant messaging that just works.

Ricochet is an experimental kind of instant messaging that doesn't trust anyone with your identity, your contact list, or your communications.

  • You can chat without exposing your identity (or IP address) to anyone
  • Nobody can discover who your contacts are or when you talk (metadata-free!)
  • There are no servers or operators that could be compromised, exposing your information.
  • It's cross-platform and easy for non-technical users.


How it works

Ricochet is a peer-to-peer instant messaging system built on the Tor Network hidden services. Your login is your hidden service address, and contacts connect to you (not an intermediate server) through Tor. The rendezvous system makes it extremely hard for anyone to learn your identity from your address.

Ricochet is not affiliated with or endorsed by The Tor Project.

For more information, you can read about Tor and learn about Ricochet's design or protocol (or the old protocol). Everything is open-source and open to contribution.


This software is an experiment. Security and anonymity are difficult topics, and you should carefully evaluate your risks and exposure with any software. Do not rely on Ricochet for your safety unless you have more trust in my work than it deserves. That said, I believe it does more to try to protect your privacy than any similar software, and is the best chance you have of withholding your personal information.


Ricochet is available for Windows, OS X (10.7 or later), and as a generic Linux binary package. Visit the releases page for the latest version and changelog.

All releases and signatures are also available at

Building from source

See BUILDING for Linux, OS X, and Windows build instructions.


Bugs can be reported on the issue tracker. Translations can be contributed on Transifex.

You should support The Tor Project, EFF, and run a Tor relay.

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