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Ricochet Refresh

R2: Ricochet Refresh

Ricochet Refresh is the new updated version of Ricochet, supported by Blueprint for Free Speech.. We are a non-government, not-for-profit organisation working to safeguard the freedom of expression for whistleblowers, activists, and everybody else, worldwide. To find out more, check out our profile, or head to Blueprint was the original sponsor of Ricochet, written by developer J. Brooks.

Ricochet Refresh is currently available for OS X (10.12 or later), Linux, and Windows. Visit the releases page for the latest version and changelog.

What is Ricochet Refresh?

Ricochet Refresh is an instant messenger where no one knows your identity, who you're talking to, or what you're talking about.

  • You can talk to whoever you want, without them knowing your identity (or IP address)
  • No one can know who you're talking to, or when you're talking to them* (no metadata)
  • You talk directly to your contact - there's no middleman server that could be compromised, putting you at risk.
  • It's cross-platform, easy to install, and easy to use!
  • It's open source, and open to contribution!


How does it work?

Ricochet Refresh uses the Tor network to establish a peer-to-peer connection between you and your contact. Ricochet Refresh creates a service on the Tor network which contacts can connect to. Tor's rendezvous system makes it extremely difficult for anyone to learn the identity of a Tor user, including you.

Ricochet Refresh is not affiliated with, or endorsed by, The Tor Project.

For more information about Tor, you can read about Tor For more information about Ricochet Refresh, you can:


Security and anonymity are difficult, complicated, and deep topics. We strongly encourage you to evaluate your risks, threats, and exposure with any software. Do not rely on Ricochet Refresh for your safety. We believe Ricochet Refresh does a really good job at protecting your privacy and anonymity, however, we can not guarantee this protection.


Ricochet Refresh is currently available for OS X (10.12 or later), Linux, and Windows. Visit the releases page or AUR page for the latest version and changelog.

Building from source

See BUILDING for Linux, OS X, and Windows build instructions.


Bugs can be reported on the issue tracker.

You should support The Tor Project, EFF, and run a Tor relay.


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