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DREAM3D Logo DREAM.3D Superbuild

This project will download, configure and build a complete DREAM3D SDK and optionally also build DREAM3D itself. DREAM3D can be cloned from DREAM.3D home page on the internet is at All the documentation is also online and searchable at

Dependent Libraries

  • CMake 3.16.0
  • discount 2.2.3
  • haru 2.0.0
  • Eigen 3.3.9
  • HDF5 1.10.7
  • ITK 5.2.0
  • Qt 5.14.2
  • Qwt 6.1.5 or higher
  • TBB 2020.1
  • ghcFilesystem 1.3.2 (Linux/macOS)
  • pybind11 2.6.2
  • Python 3.7 (Anaconda Preferred) if you want to include the Python bindings. The script will NOT download or install Python. That is left as an exercise for the developer.
  • mkdocs (Python)

_Please note in the below instructions that the version of CMake on may be newer than what is shown in the scree captures. That is perfectly normal.


For information on how to build a DREAM.3D SDK using the DREAM3D Superbuild on Windows, please visit Making an SDK (Windows).

Mac OS X

For information on how to build a DREAM.3D SDK using the DREAM3D Superbuild on Mac OS X, please visit Making an SDK (OS X).


For information on how to build a DREAM.3D SDK using the DREAM3D Superbuild on Linux, please visit Making an SDK (Linux).


  • Install Git on your system
  • Install CMake on your system
  • Install a C++ compiler suite on your system
  • Clone this repository
  • Configure with CMake. Add the required CMake variable DREAM3D_SDK=/Some/Path/To/A/DREAM3D_SDK
  • If you want to also build DREAM.3D at the same time add the "WORKSPACE_DIR" cmake variable that points to a different folder than the DREAM3D_SDK folder.
  • Have CMake generate your build files
  • Open the project solution (Visual Studio) or open a terminal and use the default tool of choice to build.
    • Windows defaults to Visual Studio. Be sure the CMake generator that you select ends with "Win64"
    • macOS and Linux default to "MakeFiles".
  • When the process is finished a complete DREAM.3D application should be waiting for you to run.

Alternate Download Site

If your corporate policy does not allow downloading from GitHub but does allow http downloading from then use the following CMake variable to use this alternate download site:


All sources and prebuilt binaries will be downloaded from the domain.