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License and Public Release Notice

This software library is directly supported by USAF Contract FA8650-22-C-5290 and has been cleared as publicly releasable under the following:

AFRL has completed the review process for your case on 14 Sep 2022:

Subject: DREAM3D_Project (O) Shah #-11  (Software Code)

Originator Reference Number: RX22-0852
Case Reviewer: M. Allen
Case Number: AFRL-2022-4403

The material was assigned a clearance of CLEARED on 14 Sep 2022.

This clearance is in effect until 14 SEPT 2025 at which point any new additions created under USAF funding should be cleared. Public additions through the normal PR process will not be affected.


complex is a rewrite of the SIMPL library upon which DREAM3D is written. This library aims to be fully C++17 compliant, removes the need for Qt5 at the library level and brings more flexible data organization and grouping options.

Dependent Libraries

Library Name GitHub Source Version
boost-mp11 1.77.0
catch2 2.13.6
eigen3 3.3.9
expected-lite 0.5.0
fmt 10.0.0
hdf5 1.12.1
itk 5.2.1
nlohmann-json 3.11.2
pybind11 2.10
span-lite 0.10.3
tbb 2021.10.0
ebsdlib 1.0.23
h5support 1.0.8
nod 0.5.2
reproc 14.2.4


In order to compile complex you will need a C++17 compiler suite installed on your computer.

  • Compiler
    • Windows Visual Studio 2019 v142 toolset
    • macOS 11.0 and Xcode 12.4 or higher
    • Linux with GCC Version 9.0 or higher or clang.

Install vcpkg

The complex project uses the vcpkg to manage it's dependent libraries. If this is not already installed on your system then you will need to download and compile it.


Clone the vcpkg repository into a location that it will be used from. inside your home directory or at C:/vcpkg is a reasonable spot. DO NOT USE A PATH WITH SPACES IN ANY OF THE FOLDERS.

cd C:/Users/[USERNAME]/Applications
git clone

The bootstrap-vcpkg.bat file should be run automatically by CMake the first time. This will create the vcpkg.exe file. Additionally CMake should automatically find vcpkg.exe. If CMake does not find it, you may need to add it to your PATH variable.

Clone Appropriate Repositories

Within the folder DREAM3D-Dev clone both the complex and DREAM3D_Data repositories. The DREAM3D_Data repo is optional but does contain testing data.

Create a location to keep the complex repositories and make builds. You can do either in-source our out-of-source builds.

git clone --recursive

Configure complex with CMake

For this example we are going to do an "in-source" build. By default git will ignore some basic names for build directories such as Debug, Release, x64. CMake can generate lots of project files from ninja, to nmake to Visual Studio. For this example we are going to use the ninja generator so we will need to keep the Debug and Release builds separated.

The first time complex is configured with CMake, VCPKG will download, build and install the needed dependent libraries. This can take a few minutes so be patient. After complex is configured you can build it using your IDE (Visual Studio) or ninja (QtCreator, CLion) or cmake itself.

Windows with Visual Studio IDE

This example shows how to configure complex to build using Visual Studio IDE

set BUILD_DIR=VisualStudio
set VCPKG_INSTALL_ROOT=C:/Appications/vcpkg
cd complex
mkdir %BUILD_DIR%

cmake -G "Visual Studio 16 2019" -A x64 -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=%VCPKG_INSTALL_ROOT%/scripts/buildsystems/vcpkg.cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=%BUILD_DIR% -DVCPKG_MANIFEST_FEATURES="tests;parallel"  -DDREAM3D_Data_Dir=../../DREAM3D_Data ../complex

Windows with Ninja and IDE of choice (QtCreator, CLion, command line)

Adjust the below commands to the sytle of your shell (The below example is done in Windows Command Prompt Batch file style).

In this example we are building a Release version of compled into a directory called Release inside the source directory. We will be using the ninja generator so be sure that ninja.exe is on your PATH

set NINJA_INSTALL=C:/Applications/ninja-win
set BUILD_DIR=Release
set VCPKG_INSTALL_ROOT=C:/Appications/vcpkg
cd complex
mkdir %BUILD_DIR%

cmake -G Ninja -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=%VCPKG_INSTALL_ROOT%/scripts/buildsystems/vcpkg.cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=%BUILD_DIR% -DVCPKG_MANIFEST_FEATURES="tests;parallel" -DDREAM3D_Data_Dir=../../DREAM3D_Data ../complex

macOS ARM64/M1 Compile and IDE of choice (QtCreator, CLion, command line)

export NINJA_INSTALL=/opt/local/bin
export BUILD_DIR=Release
export VCPKG_INSTALL_ROOT=/opt/local/vcpkg
# This is used for Apple Silicon ARM64
export VCPKG_TARGET_TRIPLET=arm64-osx-dynamic
# This is used for Intel x64
export VCPKG_TARGET_TRIPLET=x64-osx-dynamic
cd complex
mkdir $BUILD_DIR


Required CMake Arguments

  • -G and one of the supported CMake generator strings
    • Ninja works very well on all platforms if you have ninja
  • -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=[path to vcpkg.cmake file]
  • -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=[Debug|Release] but ONLY if you are using Ninja or 'Unix MakeFiles' as the generator
  • -DVCPKG_MANIFEST_FEATURES=.... build options
  • -DDREAM3D_DATA_DIR=.... Absolute path to a Directory to store downloaded test files. This can be shared between build directories
  • -DVCPKG_TARGET_TRIPLET=.... Correct VCPKG triplet for your platform/operating system
    • MacOS: [x64-osx-dynamic | arm64-osx-dynamic]
    • Linux: x64-linux-dynamic
    • Windows:

Adding Plugins

By default the only plugin that is compiled is the ComplexCore plugin. If you would like to build any of the additional plugins you can provide additional arguments to the configuration command. NOTE For the COMPLEX_EXTRA_PLUGINS CMake argument, if you have multiple plugins separate each with a ; character (which is why we double quote the value for the COMPLEX_EXTRA_PLUGINS variable.)


This plugin gives complex access to the ability to read/write images and use the ITK library to process images.

There are 2 arguments that need to be added to the CMake configuration command

  • -DVCPKG_MANIFEST_FEATURES="tests;parallel;itk"


This plugin gives complex the ability to process typical EBSD style of data.

  • -DCOMPLEX_EXTRA_PLUGINS="OrientationAnalysis"
  • -DVCPKG_MANIFEST_FEATURES="tests;parallel;ebsd"

VCPKG Options

Defining where VCPKG installs the dependent libraries

By default VCPKG will install any library that it compiles into vcpkg specific and platform specific locations. If you would like to specifically set where those libraries are installed the following cmake code will allow that:

  • -DVCPKG_INSTALLED_DIR=$HOME/workspace/vcpkg-installed

Disable VCPKG from checking for updates with each configuration

Be default VCPKG will check for updates to the libraries that it compiles. If you would like to skip this step each time the following CMake code is needed:


Defining where test data is stored

Complex and its plugins require test files to be able to perform the unit tests. By default these will be store inside the build directory. This means that if you have multiple build directories, a separate copy of all the test files will be downloaded for each build directory. The developer can set the DREAM3D_DATA_DIR variable to a path that will be used. They will need to set this for each build directory. You MUST define DREAM3D_DATA_DIR using an absolute path. Relative paths will not work.

  • -DDREAM3D_DATA_DIR=/opt/local/DREAM3D_Data

The developer can also turn off the downloading of any test data with the following:


Python Bindings

Python bindings are available for complex. To install them, please use an Anaconda virtual environment like the following:

conda config --add channels conda-forge
conda config --set channel_priority strict
conda create -n cxpython python=3.8
conda activate cxpython
conda install -c bluequartzsoftware complex