Mura Digital Experience Platform

Mura Digital Experience Platform

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Mura is a digital experience platform, created by blueriver. Mura was designed to build ambitious web, multi-channel, business-to-business and business-to-employee applications, and create Flow in the digital experience for Content Managers, Content Contributors, Marketers and Developers.

For those with Docker installed:

Mura Resources

Official Docker Image

For production there is an official docker image available at

Using Docker with Source Code

Start up a demo instance pre-populated with content:

git clone
cd MuraCMS
git checkout master
docker-compose -f core/docker/local-demo/docker-compose.yml up

Start up an instance with no content:

git clone
cd MuraCMS
git checkout master
docker-compose -f core/docker/local-mysql/docker-compose.yml up

Then access the application via:


To login type esc-l or go to http://localhost:8080/admin


MYSQL Connection Info:

Host: localhost
Port: 55555
Username: root

Simply hold down control-c to stop the service.

For those with Commandbox installed:

box install muracms
box start

However, you will need to have a running database instance to create your db and register the dsn with the CFML service.