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I've created a simple form with form builder. I've inserted the collector in a page, but the page displays the following: {"form":{"package":"","config":{},"formid":"77203AAB-BDB7-0041-692267FA18405A68","name":"","fieldorder":["77226C81-DC1E-9E50-3DC42E162805A871","7727041B-90EE-98A7-7646B58D4217B74E","772A96E9-E36B- ...followed by much more code. You can view it here:

I've created several forms successfully with form builder. I did have a problem with a form that contained a large number of fields that worked after I reduced the number of fields. I had suspected that there was a maximum number of fields that I had exceeded. This form only contains about 15 text fields.

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How recently have you updated the site files?

If it is recent, I would try updating and saving the form and page again. The JSON on the page is valid, so it should work fine.


We've updated the core to 5.6.5. Same problem with form still exists. I tried creating a new form (in form builder beta) with a single form field. It failed in a similar manner. I'm continuing to experiment with this one.

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Sam, you need to update the "site" files, not core.


Thanks Sean. I'll give that try.

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