A plugin that enables Mura CMS to take advantage of native CF caches
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#MuraCache Plugin This is an alpha Mura CMS plugin that enables Mura to use native named caches in both Adobe CF 9.0.1+ and Lucee.

Requires Mura 5.4.4602+.

##Instance Name It may be that you have multiple instances of Mura on a server which share SiteIDs - for example, you may have more than one multi-lingual website, each of which has SiteIDs of "en" and "de".

Normally, caches for these sites would clash as they would have the same name; however, if you go into the plugin settings you can optionally assign a name to each instance, allowing each site's cache to be properly segregated.

##Lucee Only In Lucee you will need to explicitly create two caches. One named data and another named output before installing the plugin.

Or, if you want each site to have it's own data and output cache you can create caches following the syntax for each site in your Mura instance:


So for the default site, the cache names would look like this:


If you have specified an instance name in the plugin options, the cache name syntax would be:


So for the default site on an instance named "myInstance", the cache names would look like this: