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Blue Robotics

Blue Robotics builds low-cost, high-performance marine robotics components and systems.


  1. BlueOS BlueOS Public

    The open source platform for ROV, USV, robotic system operation, development, and expansion.

    Vue 107 57

  2. ping-viewer ping-viewer Public

    Ping Viewer is an open-source application to view and record data from the Blue Robotics Ping Echosounder and Ping360 Scanning Sonar.

    C++ 38 35

  3. BlueOS-Extensions-Repository BlueOS-Extensions-Repository Public

    A directory of BlueOS Extensions that can be installed quickly and easily on your robotic vehicle.

    Python 14 14

  4. ping-protocol ping-protocol Public

    Definition of and code generation utilities for Ping Protocol, a binary message format for sonar devices.

    Python 17 16

  5. software-guidelines software-guidelines Public

    Guidelines for software development, code style, communication etc.

    10 6


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