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Analog Joystick Example


This example provides a simple program for the Arduino microcontroller that reads from an analog joystick and outputs to three thrusters. It is designed for three thrusters, two forward and one vertical, and two Parallax Joysticks.


  1. Plug Parallax Joystick interface boards into the breadboard.

  2. Using wire jumpers, connect the Vss pins to the 5V pin on the Arduino. Connect the Vdd pins to any of the GND pins on the Arduino.

  3. Connect using wire jumpers:

  • Vert on one joystick to Arduino pin A0
  • Horiz on the same joystick to Arduino pin A1
  • Vert on the other joystick to Arduino pin A2
  1. The ESC signal cables have three wires, brown is ground and orange is the signal. We do not need the center wire. Using the wire jumpers, connect the brown ground pins to the Arduino GND pins (through breadboard if necessary).

  2. Connect using wire jumpers:

  • Left thruster ESC signal pin to Arduino pin 9
  • Right thruster ESC signal pin to Arduino pin 10
  • Vertical thruster ESC signal pin to Arduino pin 11
  1. Supply 12V power to the ESCs via the red and black cables.

Wiring Diagram

This diagram shows how the wires should be connected to the Parallax joystick boards as well as the ESC plugs. Make sure to power the ESCs with 12V also by connecting the black wire to ground (negative) and the red wire to 12V (positive).

Wiring Diagram

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