@jaxxzer jaxxzer released this Sep 16, 2018

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Break-it Early Test Application
Corrections and new features around t0.72
Changes since version t0.72:

  • Enable bigger entry values [debug mode]
  • Add baudrate and verify options in firmware update [debug mode]
  • Update macOS icon quality
  • Update connection interface after auto detect
  • Now it's possible to use paths with spaces in firmware update
  • Improves waterfall widget
  • Add gradients feature
    • Now it's possible to create gradients under Gradients folder.
  • Update available gradients
  • Improvements in: CI, code performance, documentation, organization and etc.

@jaxxzer jaxxzer released this Sep 19, 2018 · 20 commits to 66d382d22e7570a14e95d77f0a38419325439742 since this release

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appveyor: Do not push tags with branch name

Fix #241

Signed-off-by: Patrick José Pereira <>
Sep 11, 2018
protocol: submodule update - move link files up
Aug 31, 2018
Merge pull request #274 from patrickelectric/qvector
More waterfall corrections and improvements
Aug 31, 2018
waterfall: Add new gradients
Signed-off-by: Patrick José Pereira <>