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The note-c C library for communicating with the Blues Wireless Notecard via serial or I²C.

This library allows you to control a Notecard by writing a C or C++ program. Your program may programmatically configure Notecard and send Notes to

This library is used by the note-arduino library, which includes it as a git subtree.


The documentation for this library can be found here.


The CMake build system is primarily here for testing note-c on a development machine. You can use it to generate a static or shared note-c library, but embedded users will typically just compile all the .c source files into their firmware image. For more on testing, see test/


  • BUILD_TESTS: Build the tests. See the tests directory. Default: ON.
  • BUILD_SHARED_LIBS: Build the note-c library as shared instead of static. This reduces the total size of the compiled tests. Default: ON.


We love issues, fixes, and pull requests from everyone. By participating in this project, you agree to abide by the Blues Inc code of conduct.

For details on contributions we accept and the process for contributing, see our contribution guide.

More Information

For additional Notecard SDKs and Libraries, see:

To learn more about Blues Wireless, the Notecard and Notehub, see:


Copyright (c) 2019 Blues Inc. Released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.