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SGT Puzzles Collection

Embed Support

One of the key features of SGT Puzzles Collection is the embedded window launcher, which adds additional features on top of the existing games. Some environments do not properly support embedding. For these environments, version 0.2.7 and newer will launch the games in a separate window. Known affected environments include:

  • GNOME 3.36 and newer
  • Wayland
  • Flatpak

To override the (non-)embedding behavior, you can use an environment variable:

  • env SGT_ENABLE_EMBED=1 sgt-launcher to force enable embedding the window.
  • env SGT_ENABLE_EMBED=0 sgt-launcher to force disable embedding the window.

If you are having issues with the embedded window outside of these known environments, please report an issue and include your:

  • Distribution
  • Desktop environment