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@bluescarni bluescarni released this May 9, 2017 · 1722 commits to master since this release


  • Provide a CMake config-file package as part of the install process.
    [Francesco Biscani]

  • Implement the missing in-place modulo operator with C++ integrals
    on the left. [Francesco Biscani]

  • Experimental support for C++ concepts. [Francesco Biscani]

  • Support the clang-cl compiler on Windows. [Francesco Biscani]

  • Add input stream operator. [Francesco Biscani]

  • Add in-place arithmetic operators with interoperable types on the
    left-hand side. [Francesco Biscani]

  • Add convenience overloads for the computation of the binomial
    coefficient. [Francesco Biscani]

  • Add convenience overloads for pow(). [Francesco Biscani]

  • Add functions to test if an integer is equal to -1. [Francesco

  • Add a static member to integer storing the static size. [Francesco


  • Split out the library in multiple files. [Francesco Biscani]

  • Rename the mp_integer class to integer. [Francesco Biscani]

  • Various improvements to the documentation. [Francesco Biscani]

  • Rework the library interface to use regular functions rather than
    inline friend functions. [Francesco Biscani]

  • Change the license to MPL2. [Francesco Biscani]

  • Remove the allocation cache. [Francesco Biscani]

  • Remove the custom namespace option. [Francesco Biscani]


  • Fix operators example in the documentation. [Francesco Biscani]
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