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A proof-of-concept app to add support of title/artist/album custom sort order to rooted Android devices.
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Music Sort Order

A proof-of-concept app to add support of custom sort order of title/artists/album names to rooted Android devices.

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App screenshot Demo of outcome (in Phonograph app)

This is built with jaudiotagger-android, which is a fork of jaudiotagger and supports ID3v2, MP4 tags, Vorbis Comments (OGG, FLAC) and WMA tags.

For example, with ID3v2 tags, TSOT, TSOA and TSOP are inspected.

This app works by checking each music file in the Android media storage database, and update respective values (title_key, album_key, artist_key) with that extracted from the music file using root permission.


This app was initially designed as an Xposed hook, but later changed to the root strategy. You might see the app as Xposed Module installed, but currently it does nothing useful and you can simply ignore the Xposed part.

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