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import glob
import subprocess
from pathlib import Path
from doit.action import CmdAction
PACKAGE = "efb_fb_messenger_slave"
# major, minor, patch, alpha, beta, dev, post
"default_tasks": ["msgfmt"]
def task_gettext():
pot = f"./{PACKAGE}/locale/{PACKAGE}.pot"
sources = glob.glob("./**/*.py", recursive=True)
sources = [i for i in sources if "" not in i]
command = "xgettext --add-comments=TRANSLATORS --from-code=UTF-8 -o " + pot + " " + " ".join(sources)
return {
"actions": [
['cp', README_BASE, './.cache/README.rst'],
['sphinx-build', '-b', 'gettext', '-C', '-D', 'master_doc=README',
'-D', 'gettext_additional_targets=literal-block,image',
'./.cache', './readme_translations/locale/', './.cache/README.rst'],
['rm', './.cache/README.rst'],
"targets": [
"file_dep": sources
def task_msgfmt():
languages = [i[i.rfind('/')+1:] for i in glob.glob("./readme_translations/locale/*_*")]
sources = glob.glob("./**/*.po", recursive=True)
dests = [i[:-3] + ".mo" for i in sources]
actions = [["msgfmt", sources[i], "-o", dests[i]] for i in range(len(sources))]
actions.append(["mkdir", "./.cache/source"])
actions.append(["cp", README_BASE, "./.cache/source/README.rst"])
locale_dirs = (Path('.') / "readme_translations" / "locale").absolute()
for i in languages:
actions.append(["sphinx-build", "-E", "-b", "rst", "-C",
"-D", f"language={i}", "-D", f"locale_dirs={locale_dirs}",
"-D", "extensions=sphinxcontrib.restbuilder",
"-D", "master_doc=README", "./.cache/source", f"./.cache/{i}"])
actions.append(["mv", f"./.cache/{i}/README.rst", f"./readme_translations/{i}.rst"])
actions.append(["rm", "-rf", f"./.cache/{i}"])
actions.append(["rm", "-rf", "./.cache/source"])
return {
"actions": actions,
"targets": dests,
"file_dep": sources,
"task_dep": ['crowdin', 'crowdin_pull']
def task_crowdin():
sources = glob.glob(f"./{PACKAGE}/**/*.po", recursive=True)
return {
"actions": ["crowdin upload sources"],
"file_dep": sources,
"task_dep": ["gettext"]
def task_crowdin_pull():
return {
"actions": ["crowdin download"]
def task_commit_lang_file():
def git_actions():
if['git', 'diff-index', '--quiet', 'HEAD']).returncode != 0:
return ["git commit -S -m \"loc: sync localization files from crowdin\""]
return ["echo"]
return {
"actions": [
["git", "add", "*.po", "readme_translations/*.rst"],
"task_dep": ["crowdin", "crowdin_pull"]
def task_bump_version():
def gen_bump_version(mode=DEFAULT_BUMP_MODE):
return './ --tag ' + mode
return {
"actions": [CmdAction(gen_bump_version)],
"params": [
"name": "mode",
"short": "b",
"long": "bump",
"help": "{major}.{minor}.{patch}{(a|b)}{.post}{.dev}",
"choices": [
("major", "Bump a major version"),
("minor", "Bump a minor version"),
("patch", "Bump a patch version"),
("alpha", "Bump to the next alpha version"),
("alpha", "Bump to the next beta version"),
("post", "Bump to the next post version"),
("dev", "Bump a dev version (for commit only)")
"task_dep": ["test", "mypy", "commit_lang_file"]
def task_mypy():
# sources = glob.glob("./{package}/**/*.py".format(package=PACKAGE), recursive=True)
actions = [f"mypy -p {PACKAGE} --ignore-missing-imports"]
return {
"actions": actions
def task_test():
sources = glob.glob(f"./{PACKAGE}/**/*.py", recursive=True)
sources = [i for i in sources if "" not in i]
return {
"actions": [
f"coverage run --source ./{PACKAGE} -m pytest",
"coverage report"
"file_dep": sources
def task_build():
return {
"actions": [
f"mv {PACKAGE}.egg-info {PACKAGE}.egg-info.bak",
"python sdist bdist_wheel",
f"rm -rf build {PACKAGE}.egg-info",
f"mv {PACKAGE}.egg-info.bak {PACKAGE}.egg-info",
"task_dep": ["mypy", "test", "msgfmt", "bump_version"]
def task_publish():
def get_twine_command():
__version__ = __import__(PACKAGE).__version__
if 'dev' in __version__:
raise ValueError(f"Cannot publish dev version ({__version__}).")
binarys = glob.glob(f"./dist/*{__version__}*", recursive=True)
return " ".join(["twine", "upload"] + binarys)
return {
"actions": [CmdAction(get_twine_command)],
"task_dep": ["build"]
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