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Drop-In Mac App Store Receipt Verification
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Drop-in Mac App Store Receipt Verification

By Nick Paulson


  1. Add this file to your project
  2. Add IOKit.framework, Security.framework, and libcrypto.dylib as Linked Frameworks in your project
  3. Change the values of kReceiptBundleVersion and kReceiptBundleIdentifier at the top of NPReceiptVerification.m to your own values. These must be equivalent to CFBundleShortVersionString and CFBundleIdentifier, respectively. (These are found in your Info.plist file)

That's it!


This code is released under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.

Thank You

Thank you to roddi's ValidateStoreReceipts which I used as an example and some code from. That can be found here.

Also, thank you to Craig Hockenberry for his recommendation on making the app useless after exit(173).

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