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Sendloop Wrapper For Laravel 5
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Laraloop - Sendloop Wrapper For Laravel 5

Laraloop is a simple wrapper for Sendloop & Sendloop MTA API services, this package coming with 2 facades.

You can use Sendloop libraries in your controllers or services like Laraloop::methodName() or LaraloopMTA::methodName()

###For installation you just follow these simple steps:

First install package:

php composer require senemoglu/laraloop

Second publish vendor configurations via Artisan CLI:

php artisan vendor:publish

After this step, config/laraloop.php file will be created, and you can set your API_KEY etc.

Then add service provider into your app.php configuration file:


Finally add facades for easy access to Sendloop Methods (optionally, but strongly recommended):

'Laraloop' => Senemoglu\Laraloop\Facades\Laraloop::class,
'LaraloopMTA' => Senemoglu\Laraloop\Facades\LaraloopMTA::class

You can look Sendloop Documentations for details about API.

###Simple Example For Mta:

$message = new \Sendloop\MTA\Message();
$message->setFrom("Batıkan Senemoğlu", "");
$message->setSubject("My sweet subject");
$message->setHTMLContent("My sweet content too");

$transactionId = LaraloopMTA::send('', $message);
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