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This plugin has the ability to add the message function just as in controllers to services or other arbitrarily defined grails artefacts. The artefacts may be configured in Config.groovy.

By default, the message function is injected into services, but may be configured for additional artefacts as well.

The message Method

The message method may be used exactly as the controller or tag lib message method as described in

def message = message(code:"default.not.found.message", default:"Not found", args:[
		"My Object",

Modifying Affected Artefacts

In order to modify the artefacts that are affected by the plugin, simple add the following lines to your Config.groovy file and add/remove entries as needed:

grails.plugins.artefactmessaging.artefacts = [
	[name:'service', plugin:'services'],
	[name:'task', plugin:'quartz'],

The name property is used to retrieve the classes from the Grails application. For example, the second entry above would attempt to retrieve all the quartz task artefacts by using grailsApplication.taskClasses. The artefact messaging plugin automatically will observe all changes to files watched by the plugin configured by the plugin property. This property may also be null if reloading is not desired.

Default Configuration

The default configuration is as follows:

grails.plugins.artefactmessaging.artefacts = [
	[name:'service', plugin:'services'],

This means that all grails services are automatically injected with the message function.

Release Notes

Special thank you to Paul Fernley for his implementation of grabbing a localized message by the current request bound to the thread (see ArtefactMessagingService).


  • Fix #1 - default configuration was not working properly


  • Initial release