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The grails pluginator plugin
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This plugin enables a typical Grails application to tie into the additional hooks and configuration available to Grails plugins. It does this by using grails-app/conf/ApplicationPlugin.groovy as a plugin definition file, allowing the following hooks and configuration properties:

Hooks: doWithWebDescriptor, doWithSpring, doWithDynamicMethods, doWithApplicationContext, onChange, and onConfigChange. Properties: loadAfter, observe, watchedResources, and artefacts.

For instance, with doWithSpring you can adjust your web-xml if you need precise control over web-xml generation. You can also declare which other plugins the "plugin" should be loaded after with loadAfter.

To use, simply define the grails-app/conf/ApplicationPlugin.groovy file as the following:

class ApplicationPlugin {
    // List of resources - "file:./grails-app/jobs/**"
    def watchedResources = []
    // List of plugins to load this "plugin" after
    def loadAfter = []
    // Observe the following plugins - meaning the onChange event will be
    //  called after their onChange event
    def observe = []
    // The artefact handlers to register
    def artefacts = []

    // See Grails plugin documentation for examples on how to use these
    def doWithWebDescriptor = { xml ->

    def doWithSpring = {

    def doWithDynamicMethods = { ctx ->

    def doWithApplicationContext = { applicationContext ->

    def onChange = { event ->

    def onConfigChange = { event ->
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