looking for a grails example with oauth 2.0 provider #8

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spent lot of time to get the basic project working ..
please help

The documentation is really lacking. I ended up using Spring Roo which have a better addon:

Of course that if you are bound to Grails than it's not an option. In my case I was thinking of using Grails to have a more agile development with a more dynamic language. But I'm not very used to Grails and while it is probably possible to take Spring Security OAuth (https://github.com/SpringSource/spring-security-oauth) and create my own simple addon around it, it's way too time consuming trying to undestand everything about Spring Security OAuth and how Grails interact with regular Java EE/Spring libraries.


bluesliverx commented Jan 13, 2013

Yes, it is sparse, mostly because it is incomplete and we never developed a real need for the plugin. Additions are welcome :)

Sure. The problem is that I'm that used to pure Spring Security OAuth development and most tutorials to configure it are XML based. Using the "Groovy-like" dependency injection is a little bit different and having to learn two things at the same time while "porting" from one to the other is a bit confusing.


bluesliverx commented Aug 26, 2013

I'm resolving this one as I'll re-tackle the documentation when the project actually works. For now we have some dependency conflicts with the spring security core plugin which is preventing further development.

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