Aperte workflow modeler

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Aperte Modeler provides fully functional development environment, designed to work with Aperte Workflow processes in BPMN 2.0 notation. Entire solution is provided as web based application that can be deployed on most of modern J2EE application servers. Aperte Modeler is based on Signavio Core Components open source library, tailored to match specific needs of Aperte Workflow runtime engine.

Key features

  • Graphical editor for modeling with BPMN 2.0 notation and JPDL 4 support.
  • Graphical editor supporting Aperte Workflow automatic steps.
  • Graphical editor supporting Aperte Workflow widgets.
  • Graphical editor supporting Aperte Workflow queues.
  • Allows to export created processes as process bundle.
  • Web based, no software installation is required on developer machines.
  • Central storage for all artifacts created during modeling.


To get familiar with some concepts and the application itself we provide a set of wiki articles. If one has no previous experience with Aperte Modeler it's recommended to stick to reading order proposed below. This should ensure a rather smooth transition from easier to more advanced topics.

  1. Getting started with the Aperte Modeler
  2. Aperte Modeler supported deployment configurations
  3. Aperte Modeler architecture overview
  4. Aperte Modeler explorer window
  5. Aperte Modeler editor window
  6. Aperte Modeler process diagram
  7. Aperte Workflow runtime editors
  8. Sample process with Aperte Modeler