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Build Nginx with HTTP/2 support

This repository contains a Dockerfile that compiles an Nginx installation with support for HTTP/2 enabled. We also provide a sample nginx.conf. The build we do in this Dockerfile will work for a single static website. You may need to change some configure options according to your needs.

To make the Docker build, you may clone this repository and run the Docker commands as follows.

$ git clone
$ cd nginx-h2
$ docker build -t nginx-h2 .
$ docker run -d -p 8443:443 -v /path/to/my/website/:/usr/local/nginx/html/ nginx-h2

Or you may just pull the image from Dockerhub.

$ docker pull bluesoftbr/nginx-h2
$ docker run -d -p 8443:443 -v /path/to/my/website/:/usr/local/nginx/html/ nginx-h2

Change /path/to/my/website/ to the absolute path to your website.

Access https://localhost:8443/ through your browser and have fun!


For more information on the options to configure HTTP/2 in Nginx, please visit their documentation. Nginx 1.9.5 was released 2015-09-22 as a stable release. Take a look at the Announcement.

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