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Blockchain Law Course
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Crypto Legal
Digital Ownership Rights
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Blockchain Law Course

Welcome to the world's first open Blockchain Law Course. Blockchain is one of the most disruptive technologies of this generation and will permanently change the concept of law and the role of legal practitioners in our society. The development and implementation of the technology requires a whole new set of theoretical foundations and mental paradigms, which we have to develop together as a global community. Specific multidisciplinary skills will be required to draft self-executing, autonomous smart contracts, to design code - based regulatory frameworks, to implement governance and incentive systems for decentralised communites. New legal fields and disciplines will emerge in the following years.

Although the development of the technology is in its infancy, it already has an impact in the practice and business of law. We want to help identify and develop new legal and governance use cases. Further, blockchains inject transactions with "digital trust", fact that will have a dramatic impact in the legal profession, which is by definition a "trusted intermediary" developed to reduce uncertainty and risk. Blockchains have the potential to des-intermdiate human transactions and automatize processes. The value that is unlocked for the society is a huge opportunity for legal practitioners, but simultaneously a challenge. Our mission is to help implement this transition.

This repository should be seen as a tool for open collaboration that will help bridge the current knowledge and skill gap around blockchain technologies and their legal and regulatory dimensions. The project will be open for collaboration and the content will be integrated into the digital commons with a permissive, open source license. A modular approach will facilitate participation, development and consumption of content.

We envision an open platform of producers, consumers and curators of relevant material for blockchain lawyers and simultaneously legal information for projects in the blockchain space.

If you want to develop a specific topic, you are welcome to join our discussion forums. Feel free to submit your contributions directly in our repository.

Fork and submit your pull requests!


Introduction to Blockchain Law

Crypto Legal Primitives

Smart Contracts




Use cases and Legal Apps

Practical Exercises

Please explore our wiki for further documentation.

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