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Commits on Nov 6, 2010
  1. @cecamp @vim-scripts

    Version 23

    cecamp authored vim-scripts committed
    ZoomWin has been split into a plugin + autoload portion for faster vim startup.
    Bug fixes (scrollbind caused the restore to have an incorrect cursor position, retains the search pattern present before zooming, more files than screen rows problem)
  2. @cecamp @vim-scripts

    Version 22@1: Uploading ZoomWin in vimball format (makes it easier to…

    cecamp authored vim-scripts committed
    … install)
  3. @cecamp @vim-scripts

    Version 22

    cecamp authored vim-scripts committed
    * The internally used "only" command was occasionally issuing an "Already one window" message, which is now prevented.
    * SavePosn() issued an error message when ZoomWin was handling - fixed!
    * Saves/restores yank registers for every zoom/unzoom.
  4. @cecamp @vim-scripts

    Version 21

    cecamp authored vim-scripts committed
    * For vim version 6.3 or later, but with -mksession, ZoomWin will now do partial zooms
    * 6.3 or later vim users can now handle more windows
    * Bugfix - sometimes when zooming in, the wrong positioning was restored.  Fixed!
  5. @cecamp @vim-scripts

    Version 19

    cecamp authored vim-scripts committed
    bugfix - winmanager's events, such as one to reset bufhidden to delete, caused ZoomWin to occasionally restore empty windows.  ZoomWin now works successfully with winmanager.
  6. @cecamp @vim-scripts

    Version 18

    cecamp authored vim-scripts committed
    bugfix : a Taglist+minibufexplorer+ZoomWin interaction sometimes caused minibufexplorer to create a new window while ZoomWin was busy restoring the windows.  ZoomWin then issued a complaint that it didn't know how to restore the new window.  ZoomWin now temporarily disables events while it is restoring windows.
  7. @cecamp @vim-scripts

    Version 17

    cecamp authored vim-scripts committed
    ZoomWin now has a command (:ZoomWin, of course!).  Works
    nicely with taglist:    vim +Tlist +ZoomWin filename
    This cmd starts the taglist window but maximizes the filename's window
  8. @cecamp @vim-scripts

    Version v16

    cecamp authored vim-scripts committed
    ZoomWin is both faster and half the size of its v13 and earlier versions.  V16 also allows quickfix windows and handles TagList windows (bh=delete, no buffer listing).
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