Check a file's syntax when saving a file (php, ruby, tex ...) with vim
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By default, |:CheckSyntax| is mapped to <F5> (if not mapped already), and
automatically executed when saving the buffer.
The |:CheckSyntax| command takes one optional argument: the mode (default:
&filetype). The following modes are pre-defined (and maybe some more):

    c, cpp :: Check syntax via splint
    html :: Check syntax via tidy
    javascript :: Check syntax via jsl or gjslint
    java :: Check syntax via jlint or javaCheckstyle
    lua :: Parse file (luac -p)
    php  :: Check syntax (php -l)
    phpp :: Parse a file (php -f) (alternative php checker)
    python :: Check file with pyflakes
    pylint :: Use the pylint compiler plugin (alternative python checker)
    ruby :: Check syntax (ruby -c; no auto-checks)
    tex, latex :: Parse file (chktex -q -v0; no auto-checks)
    xml, docbk :: Check syntax via xmllint

See |g:checksyntax| for how to define your own syntax checkers.

This plugin was originally based on Klaus Horsten's php_console 
(vimscript #779) and it is the successor of php_check_syntax.vim 
(vimscript #1272). In opposition to php_console, it is not a php 
ftplugin but a general solution for checking the syntax when saving a 
file (using the appropriate interpreter, lint or whatsoever).


Status:  Works for me (there may be some minor quirks)
Install: See
See for related plugins.