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Config files for zsh, vim, pentadactyl, completions, git.
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branch: master

Update submodule oh-my-zsh 1a44d67...2f5c78f

* oh-my-zsh 1a44d67...2f5c78f (13):
  > gdc: use --patch-with-stat
  > theme: display shell level (SHLVL), with tmux/tmuxifier substracted
  > git: intermediate update from local changes
  > Move setting _USE_XTERM_CURSOR_CODES to theme
  > theme: handle missing /proc in `is_gnome_terminal`
  > git: improve command_with_files
  > zshrc: bash completions: support multiple sources
  > zshrc: improve/cleanup ZSH_IS_SLOW_DIR detection
  > zshrc: do not enable 'bzr' for vcs_info
  > zshrc: add _warn_old_env chpwd hook to notify about .env files
  > zshrc: update for new zsh-autoenv filenames
  > zshrc: define pip function to call rehash afterwards
  > zshrc: aliases: use 'function' for dusch (to not expand the alias)
latest commit cf433d92eb
@blueyed authored
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Xresources.d Reduce urxvt-xtermcompat to only handle Shift/Ctrl/Meta
aptitude Install aptitude/config.
autojump @ e3f3257 Update submodule autojump f23727e...e3f3257
bazaar Makefile: install .bazaar files.
byobu Add byobu/backend: use tmux as backend
config git: add pre-push hook to check log for autostash messages
fonts Add config for and link to PowerlineSymbols.otf
lib Update submodule solarized-xresources d30efa1...e74971b
oh-my-zsh @ 2f5c78f Update submodule oh-my-zsh 1a44d67...2f5c78f
pentadactyl/plugins penta: remove pastebin plugin
subversion Makefile: install subversion/servers.
terminfo rxvt-unicode-blueyed: only define 12 function keys
urxvt/ext Add submodule urxvt/ext/urxvt-perls @4dec629
usr Add play-radio script, replacing fluxfm
vim vim: update eclim
vimperator vimperator: update plugins
.autoenv.zsh Move .env to .autoenv.zsh
.gitignore gitignore: usr/share/man/index.db
.gitmodules Add submodule lib/tmux-colors-solarized @8d9edb6
LICENSE improving readme
Makefile Add default tigrc
README.rdoc Fix readme
Rakefile Fix rake upgrade with failed submodule
Xresources Xresources: set borderColor for urxvt (same as background)
ackrc ackrc: setup less ft
agignore agignore: IPython notebooks
compton.conf Update compton.conf: shadow-exclude and menu-opacity
gemrc fixing gemrc git: setup diff drivers for various globs
gitconfig gitconfig: pager: use -+S for less .env => .autoenv.zsh
hgrc hgrc: enable some extensions to make mercurial more pleasant to use
irbrc Merge branch 'rails3' of into daz-rails3
pastebinit.xml Install pastebinit.xml file defaulting to
pbuilderrc pbuilderrc: update UBUNTU_SUITES
pdbrc Add pdbrc for the Python Debugger.
pentadactylrc pentadactylrc: map/complete update
profile Add profile
quiltrc-dpkg dquilt: quilt for Debian
railsrc auto load and enable hirb in Rails console if it's available
sackrc Add sack (via lib/sack)
screenrc Commit / update tmux/screen config
screenrc.common Commit / update tmux/screen config
tigrc Add default tigrc
tmux.common.conf fixup! tmux: remove ^ as second prefix; fix C-^ for Vim (commented)
tmux.conf Setup tmux configuration (similar to screen's).
tmux.weechat.conf doc
vimpagerrc Makefile: install vimpagerrc.
vimperatorrc vimp: doc/cleanup
vimrc vimrc: remove executable check for isort
xsessionrc Make Caps-Lock behave as Escape on its own via xcape
zlogin Make all zsh files symlinks to the oh-my-zsh repo.
zshenv Make all zsh files symlinks to the oh-my-zsh repo.
zshrc zshrc links to oh-my-zsh/zshrc now


Daniel Hahlers Dotfiles

These are config files to set up a system the way I like it.


# a) with a github account/setup:
git clone ~/.dotfiles
# b) without a github account setup:
git clone git:// ~/.dotfiles
cd ~/.dotfiles
make install


I primarily use zsh on Linux, but this is setup for generic shells (like bash) as well.

If you would like to switch to zsh, you can do so with the following command:

chsh -s /bin/zsh

The Makefile in ~/.dotfiles provides this conviently via `make setup_zsh`.

Z Shell

zsh is setup via a oh-my-zsh git submodule (heavily forked).

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