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Smarty syntax file and ftplugin for Vim
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Smarty plugin for Vim

This plugin provides syntax highlighting, indenting and general filetype settings for the Smarty templating language.

This is a fork of Vim Script #1798 (see the original README below).


The following (probably incomplete) list of enhancements are provided:

  • Various improvements throughout the syntax handling.
  • {php}…{/php} blocks are delegated to PHP syntax.
  • filetype is set to "smarty" for *.tpl files.
  • syntax is based on HTML filetype.
  • matchit (jumping between tags via %) is configured for Smarty tags ({foo} .. {/foo}), and based on the html setup.
  • line endings have been converted to unix fileformat (to prevent parse errors on Linux/Mac).
  • Smarter indenting, handling PHP blocks and delegating to HTML (includes JavaScript).

About Smarty

Smarty is a PHP template language.

About this fork

I am not using Smarty that much (anymore), but wanted to get these enhancements published, for others to pick them up.

Pull requests are welcome, of course.

Original README

This is a mirror of

A friend and I found that there were no acceptable vim syntax files for smarty, so we took the only one we could find and added everything from the smarty documentation ( to it. If nothing else, this is a very good start on a complete smarty syntax file. We have even used vimtip #498 to use autocomplete with this syntax and so far it seems to work well.

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