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syntax Major update, with accumulated improvements over time Jun 10, 2014


Smarty plugin for Vim

This plugin provides syntax highlighting, indenting and general filetype settings for the Smarty templating language.

This is a fork of Vim Script #1798 (see the original README below).


The following (probably incomplete) list of enhancements are provided:

  • Various improvements throughout the syntax handling.
  • {php}…{/php} blocks are delegated to PHP syntax.
  • filetype is set to "smarty" for *.tpl files.
  • syntax is based on HTML filetype.
  • matchit (jumping between tags via %) is configured for Smarty tags ({foo} .. {/foo}), and based on the html setup.
  • line endings have been converted to unix fileformat (to prevent parse errors on Linux/Mac).
  • Smarter indenting, handling PHP blocks and delegating to HTML (includes JavaScript).

About Smarty

Smarty is a PHP template language.

About this fork

I am not using Smarty that much (anymore), but wanted to get these enhancements published, for others to pick them up.

Pull requests are welcome, of course.

Original README

This is a mirror of

A friend and I found that there were no acceptable vim syntax files for smarty, so we took the only one we could find and added everything from the smarty documentation ( to it. If nothing else, this is a very good start on a complete smarty syntax file. We have even used vimtip #498 to use autocomplete with this syntax and so far it seems to work well.