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This plugin allows users to open recently used files. Users can filter 
the file list by typing a pattern. Users can open multiple files at 
once. The list of recently used files is synchronized across multiple 
instances of (g)vim running simultaneously.

:TRecentlyUsedFiles ... open one or more recently used file(s)
:TRecentlyUsedFilesEdit ... edit the mru list

If viminfo contains "!", the data is stored as global variable. Otherwise,
tlib#cache is used -- which saves the data in ${vimfiles}/cache/tmru/files
by default.

By default tmru matches the search pattern on the full filename. If 
you want to match on the basename, add the following to 
~/vimfiles/after/plugin/tmru.vim: >

    let g:tmru_world.filter_format = 'fnamemodify(%s, ":t")'

If you want to retain the last filter between calls of :TRecentlyUsedFiles, you 
could also add the following lines: >

    let g:tmru_world.cache_var = 'g:tmru_cache'
    let g:tmru_world.restore_from_cache = ['filter']


Status:  Works for me (there may be some minor quirks)
  tlib ::
      > git clone git://
Install: See
See for related plugins.