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Minitrons is a remake of Tronics from the MMO, Neverdaunt:8Bit.


By default, not moving your mouse for a short time while in COMPUTE mode will show a quick hint that describes the most basic controls. The following is a complete list of controls.

Non-specific Controls

  • Right-click: Pan the screen.
  • Mouse-wheel: Zoom in or out.
  • R: Centers the screen.
  • C: Clears all tronics.
  • Space: Switches from COMPUTE to EDIT mode or EDIT to COMPUTE mode.

EDIT Mode Controls

  • E: Opens or closes Tronic Menu.
  • Ctrl + S: Saves a tronic contraption in the /data/saves folder.
  • Ctrl + L: Loads a tronic contraption from the /data/saves folder.
  • Ctrl + I: Imports tronics from a Neverdaunt save in the /data/n8saves folder.
  • When no tronics are selected:
    • Left-click: Selects a single tronic. The menu is displayed.
    • Ctrl + Left-click: Move a single tronic.
    • Alt + Left-click: Rotate a single tronic.
  • When at least one tronic is selected:
    • Alt: Hides the menu
    • Shift + Left-click: Includes the tronic in the selection.
    • Ctrl + Left-click: Moves the selected tronics.

Menu Controls

  • Deselect: Deselects all tronics and closes the menu.
  • Pick up: Moves the selected tronics.
  • Delete: Deletes all selected tronics.
  • Rename: Renames all selected tronics.
  • Data Entry: Only available when one tronic is selected. If the selected tronic is a Data tronic, opens the Data Entry window (if not open), and connects it to the selected Data tronic.
  • Decouple: Only available when more than one tronic is selected. If the selected tronics have a connected wire, the wire is deleted.

COMPUTE Mode Controls

  • Left-click: Activates a tronic, if clickable (such as Buttons or a Keyboard).
  • 1, 2, 3, or 4: Activates a button within a range from the mouse's position.

Configuration File

An editable configuration file can be found at /data/config.txt and contains the following options:

  • showHints
    • If enabled, shows the controls hint in EDIT mode or the buttons hint in COMPUTE mode. Enabled by default.
    • Accepts: "true" or "false"
  • author
    • Signs saves made under this name, "Default" by default.


Recreation of Tronics from Neverdaunt:8Bit into 2D.



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