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Robots - IoT - Watson - Swift - getting all things working together.


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Course on how-to manage robots/iot with Watson AI in Swift and Node.Red

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This github is the support material for the FREE Massive Online Open Course (AKA MooC) by developerWorks:

This course shows how to quickly connect iRobot Create2 to Swift app and to leverage Watson AI for visual recognition of images, Voice UI, etc. Robots - IoT - Watson - Swift - getting all things working together. I spent almost entire summer '16 to find all these components and get them working like this. I hope you would find these labs rewarding! Let me know!

  • LAB 1 is about connecting a simulated sensor and a real one to IBM Watson IoT Platform and pushing data from a sensor to IBM Bluemix.
  • LAB 2 is dedicated to dynamic invocation of the communication between IBM Bluemix to Raspberry Pi and invoke an action (taking a picture), returning a message (and uploading a picture to IBM Bluemix for furhter IBM Watson Visual Recognition Analysis).
  • LAB 3 presents a further step of adding an app in Swift running on a mobile device to manage the Raspberry Pi over IBM Bluemix with help of previous steps and IBM Watson IoT Platform setup. In addition we would connect Raspberry Pi to STEM mobile robot platform - iRobot Create2. An additional flow would manage communication over Serial port - and the 2 initial commands would be issued to iRobot Create platform from a mobile device: 'Beep' and 'Forced Dock'.




Robots - IoT - Watson - Swift - getting all things working together.







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