How to write a custom CheckStyle check and incorporate it into your Maven project
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Contains two projects

  • TestProject contains the poorly written Java code that will have checkstyle ran on it

  • BlundellCheckstyle contains the custom checkstyle checks that have been written

How it works

  • TestProject uses the maven-checkstyle-plugin
  • the maven-checkstyle-plugin has a dependency on BlundellCheckStyle
  • BlundellCheckstyle is where we create the custom checks
  • the maven-checkstyle-plugin then uses a checkstyle-configuration.xml file to declare what checks we want checkstyle to run
  • within checkstyle-configuration.xml we declare our custom checks from BlundellCheckStyle

How to run checkstyle

  • from a Terminal
  • run mvn install
  • go into the TestProject folder
  • run mvn checkstyle:checkstyle
  • open up target/site/checkstyle.html to see style errors

Current Limitations

  • in checkstyle-configuration.xml we have to use the full package of the check com.blundell.checks.AntiHungarian
  • this can be fixed by declaring a checkstyle-packages.xml this currently doesn't work

checkstyle-packages.xml would looks something like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<!DOCTYPE checkstyle-packages PUBLIC
  "-//Puppy Crawl//DTD Package Names 1.0//EN"

  <package name="com.blundell.checks">

and you would add it to the maven-checkstyle-plugin declaration

// There are multiple ways to try this, I haven't found one that works
// so I do not want to document it here

then your checkstyle-configuration.xml would not need the package:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    "-//Puppy Crawl//DTD Check Configuration 1.2//EN"

<module name="Checker">
  <module name="TreeWalker">
    <!-- Blundell specific checks -->
    <module name="AntiHungarian" />