Simplify the detection of faces using the front facing camera.
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Woody Face Detection

Is a library to simplify the detection of faces using the front facing camera.

Named after a pioneer of automated facial recognition Woody Bledsoe.

Adding to your project

The Demo App shows some simple use cases.

As an example a one liner for using in an Activity would be like this:

    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

Then you have callbacks like so:

    public void onFaceDetected() {


    public void onFaceTimedOut() {


    public void onFaceDetectionNonRecoverableError() {


Release change log

compile 'com.blundell:woody:1.1.1'

Further Reading

During 1964 and 1965, Bledsoe, along with Helen Chan and Charles Bisson, worked on using the computer to recognize human faces (Bledsoe 1966a, 1966b; Bledsoe and Chan 1965). He was proud of this work, but because the funding was provided by an unnamed intelligence agency that did not allow much publicity, little of the work was published. Given a large database of images (in effect, a book of mug shots) and a photograph, the problem was to select from the database a small set of records such that one of the image records matched the photograph. The success of the method could be measured in terms of the ratio of the answer list to the number of records in the database. Bledsoe (1966a) described the following difficulties:

" This recognition problem is made difficult by the great variability in head rotation and tilt, lighting intensity and angle, facial expression, aging, etc. Some other attempts at facial recognition by machine have allowed for little or no variability in these quantities. Yet the method of correlation (or pattern matching) of unprocessed optical data, which is often used by some researchers, is certain to fail in cases where the variability is great. In particular, the correlation is very low between two pictures of the same person with two different head rotations. "


(c) Copyright 2014 Paul Blundell

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